Hi! I'm Lindsay.

Go Fast, Take Chances...

I like to have conversations about death, eat tacos, practice stick and poke tattoos, hunt for records, and do cartwheels. I strongly dislike small talk, when people don't tell me I have food in my teeth, and the oxford comma (even though I understand its importance). In the next year, I aspire to grow my voice around the Asian American experience in the US, get my blood borne pathogen certification, and complete a sprint triathlon.

I'm a storyteller that is not afraid to disrupt the status-quo and has a passion for process and efficiency. Blind faith in tradition is the death of innovation. Still, there's nothing like well-defined roles, clear communication, and measurable actions to make something truly revolutionary. In work, as in life, I'm deeply committed to supporting inclusivity and diversity, and doing all that I can to make this crazy world a better place, even just a little bit.


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If you're in need of a content producer/stylist, looking for a collaborator, or want to get some ink done, drop me a line!

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